Personalized Coaching

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal dating coach, advice tailored to you, your personality, your game, and your unique situation… so you know exactly what to do, and when to do it in any situation. Wouldn’t you like to have ongoing advice that can help you achieve exactly what you want?

Now is your chance. I offer personal coaching sessions to focus on your own individual needs, specifically tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

I also provide on going email correspondence to clientele worldwide. So that once you get the girl’s number, I can tell you exactly how to proceed forward.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send me an email to let me know you want to book a session
  • We’ll arrange a convenient time and place to meet up, or we can talk online via skype, oovoo or AIM
  • I can provide on going coaching to help you reach your goals of success.
  • If you choose a live bootcamp option, I’ll help you to talk to women in real life, give you feedback on how you can improve your approach and offer advice on how you can reach your goals.

Contact Me to book a session or for more information.

Heres your options for coaching.
  1. Email Correspondence 30$ Per Month
  2. Unlimited Email 60$ Per Month
  3. Live Bootcamp 247$ For Boston (ADD Travel Expenses – Plane Ticket + Room and Food for anywhere in the world)
  4. THREE WHOLE Months Coaching – 2 live bootcamps – 1479$

Heres a bit more detail on the services I offer…

Limited Email Correspondence (3 per week) 30$ per month

  • Any question at any time about women delivered to your mailbox within 2 hours
  • Could be concerning a  girl in your life
  • Could be dealing with a problem you’re having with meeting girls
  • Could be any question about dating

Unlimited Email Correspondance 60$ per month

  • Ongoing coaching to help improve your game
  • Constant feedback on your progression
  • Free learning materials provided at no additional cost

In person Nightgame Bootcamp (Greater Boston OR Providence Area) = $247

Its hard to learn how to attract a woman on the internet, sometimes, you need a coach there in person to show you how its done, and give you a push when you need it.

I will be there with you to demonstrate and facilitate the process of meeting women. You want to see how its done? I’ll show you.

She has a group of friends with her? No problem, I’ll handle them.

Afraid to open? I will open a set of girls for you, and introduce you.

Look, I realize you’ve had your problems with women in the past… but if you pay for a bootcamp, you WILL get your money’s worth, and you WILL learn the science of attraction. Everything in life can be learned, no one popped out of the womb being able to sex hot women. Order a bootcamp and I’ll teach you how its done.

Bootcamp Inludes

  • 3 Hours of In field work
  • De-Brief and follow up the next day

*Best Value*  3 Month Lifestyle Design and Development – $1479

This is my most intensive service. Everyone who has undergone this program and stuck through to the end has seen dramatic changes in not only their dating life, but their life in general. I will be there to help set and implement the goals and changes you want to make in your life.

  • Fashion and Haircut analysis
  • Design and Implement Workout Plan
  • Design and Implement Life Plan
  • Outline past failures and successes, what went wrong and how do we fix it, where you want to get to by end of program
  • Learn the in’s and outs of attraction and dating – hours upon hours of study materials provided at no additional cost. You WILL learn what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do.
  • 2 In-Field Boot-Camps
  • Unlimited Email Correspondance

Check out my recent testimonials…

Thanks for a very fantastic coaching session last Saturday. The main thing I wanted to get out of a first session was just to start approaching women, and you certainly helped me achieve this. The way you helped push me into sets was instrumental to my success that day. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you.

CJ, Rhode Island

I had a blast partying with you last night. I liked how all the coaching was done at the right times, you would let me do my think and roll with it and you even helped wingman with that blonde girl. The debrief in that pizza place at the end of the night was great too, especially when we started talking to those 2 tall girls. I learned more in that one night than I did after studying game for 3 months. I am going to recommend you to anyone I know who needs help with women, thank you very much for all your help.


Hey, thanks for the advice. The online email correspondence we have had going over the last two months has really helped me to meet and keep new women in my life. I don’t think i could have done it with-out your advice. Thanks so much.”

Tom, Boston MA


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