Anderson Silva – Family man, International playboy.

Anderson Silva Hot Chicks Dating First Date

The Guy's Got Moves

So this post centers around Anderson Silva and how he picked up Rachelle Leah in this episode of UFC all access.

Even though he speaks barely any english, he is able to portray his attractiveness in other ways. Watch his body language and you can see what he thinks about himself and the world, and how well this translates to attracting hot women.

Anderson Silva couldn’t have been more loose and relaxed in the entire show. He does what he wants, what he thinks is fun, and takes her along for the ride. He goes paint-balling, takes her for a ride on his motorcycle, and takes her out to dinner at his restaurant.

One key thing to note here, watch how he is constantly leading, observe how he picks out a venue where all the chips are stacked in his favor. He could take her to any restaurant, but no, he takes her to one that his friend owns, and then shows up with a dramatic entrance through the kitchen. Making a dramatic entrance is an easy way to get noticed when you walk in anywhere. He walks right up to her and gives her two kisses. His movement, his confidence (inside and out of the ring) is amazing. He is comfortable with himself and with her and it really shines through.

Watch at 7:45 In where he is wearying dorky slippers and doing a moonwalk, completely in his own element and just messing around with the hot girl. He is completely himself and having fun looking like a fool on national TV. Once again, his confidence is legendary. Then he starts dancing with her spontaneously, observe how much she is loving it!

At 10 min he again takes her completely into his world. If he was supplicating to a girl, trying to do what he thinks she might want to do because he likes her so much, he might take her shopping or something stupid. This is not what he does. He takes her into his world, does what he wants to do and thinks is FUN.

When taking a woman on a date, don’t go for the safe and mundane. Display your talents, or go somewhere interesting and fun.

One he gets her on the bike, at around 12 min its game over. Look at how they interact from this point on… I think its pretty clear he hit that!

Listen to how she describes him. She says he is “loose and relaxed”, she mentions how he is a dual personality of a dangerous fighter and a family man. Women love a man who they feel can protect them. Moreover, she understands who he really is, how he is grounded, and where he is from. If you can demonstrate to a woman who you really are, your underlying beliefs and values this is VERY powerful. He inroduces her to his entire family, he has invited her open armed into his world. Watch his social proof and how much his family loves him. She is completely immersed in his world.

Finally, look at their secret handshake, the way she keeps hugging him after he stops. Secret handshakes are fun to create with girls, try it sometime. Its a great way to create a feeling of “us against the world”, touch her, and just mess around and enjoy life.

Anderson Silva is more than just an awesome fighter, the guy understands women.

Language is no barrier when you are able to connect on a deeper level.


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