Anderson Silva – MMA fighter

After a KO

The best guy in Mixed Martial arts at this moment is Anderson Silva, the way he moves, his gracefulness inside the octagon is unparalleled. He routinely throws out strikes other fighters wouldn’t think to attempt. Unconventional and unpredictable, he is able to outsmart, outmaneuver and knock out many of his opponents. He is almost always cautious in the beginning of the fight. He glides around the space stalking his prey, feeling them out and waiting for the precise moment to strike. And once he smells blood, once he knows he has you hurt, he attacks with veracity.

Not all of his wins are pretty though. He has been frequently lambasted for not engaging, dancing around his opponent. fighting them at a range and with a style they have perhaps never encountered in their training.

But if the essence of fighting to to hit and not be hit?

Too often these critics are casual MMA fans who are looking for a quick and bloody swingfest knockout. Entertaining? Yes. Strategic and skillful? Perhaps not.

He is a master of fighting where he is most comfortable, despite being extremely well rounded and comfortable on the ground (he is excellent at brazilian Jiu Jitsu) he chooses to fight almost exclusively on his feet, where his combination of punches, kicks, knees and elbows come from all angles to attack his opponents. Truly a master of martial arts, he also seeks out new ways of fighting, even though he is the best in the world. check out this video of him training with Steven Seagal. Surely some of these moves are not effective in a sport mixed martial arts event, but you have to give him credit for continuing to expand upon his game in unorthodox ways. Which is what you should be doing with the ladies.

Check back tomorrow when i will tell you some of the ways Anderson Silva picked up this HOT girl, Rachelle Leah, despite speaking very little english! In this episode of UFC All-Acess

Watch the video here.

Check back tomorrow for the next post.


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