College Game

College parties focus around a central theme: mingling. By this I mean people are less likely to be defensive off the bat. You may know someone they know, and they don’t want to appear socially un-calibrated. Contrast this to a club where most people are random strangers.

At a college party, if you are friendly, out to have a good time and not creepy, people will feed off of your positive energy. Playing social circle game in these situations is also important. Once you develop a large enough social circle with social connectors it is important to try and meet people at these parties though a proper introduction. This will completely avoid the need for an opener, and it gives you built in comfort and status.

Guys with NO game watsoever can get laid at a college party.

Here are 4 rules of thumb to go by. Not all inclusive, but decently effective.

Rule #1: Get introduced by a mutual friend if possible. Ask your boy to meet his hot friends, or your hot friend if she can introduce you to her hot friends. Meet people through others if possible.

If not, then wait for the right moment to segway in. If you are surrounded by women, then others will come up and open you. Last thing I want to do is be sketchily looking for approval by bouncing around the room looking for validation. I want to be making new friends because I’m a cool and interesting person, and I like to meet new people. Be comfortable in your own skin. Be open to meeting new people, but don’t be overtly interested or strangely engrossed in the conversation. The person who is trying to keep up the conversation, who is more interested, has the weaker frame.

Joke around, don’t be too serious but don’t be gay either. If you don’t have anything to say, then let them pull their weight. There is a difference between the annoying guy who won’t shut up and the creep in the corner who no one knows: it’s the mysterious guy who everyone seems to gravitate towards.
Work for approach invitations. If the chick just eye fucked you, she obviously wants to meet you. If she has shown no approach invite your advance will be harder (but by no means impossible). If you have an approach invitation, it is socially unintelligent to go and ask an opinion opener. The chick will play along sometimes just because she wants to talk to you, but really you should be going direct, or semi-direct. Something along the lines of “if you’re going to look at me like that, you have to say something” works well if you just got eye-fucked.
Rule #2: Opinion openers are not ideal for college parties. They are somewhat weird in context. If you feel comfortable using them, by all means go ahead. But in an environment where people are mingling and being friendly it is somewhat socially unintelligent to ask “who lies more girls or guys.” Its like why are you asking me this. You should *assume* that you are of high enough value to hold the conversation. The opener hardly matters. You’re a cool guy, why shouldn’t you be talking to the hot chick?

That being said, opinion openers definitely can work in the right context, just some of the guys I work with have read the Game, and now they go around doing “who lies more” or “best friends test”, which is just weird and not good for parties.

Rule #3: Work the room. Be that guy that everyone likes. Talk to the dudes, bring something to the table. Be interesting. Give the chick some space, and then let her come back to you. CLEARLY a girl who is surrounded by friends is going to give her attention (at some point) to her friends and not exclusively the random guy (YOU) she just met! Let her mingle around; let her see you talking to other chicks, making friends with her friends (guys and girls). Occasionally give her a look from across the room.

Obviously isolation should be your goal, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible or appropriate at some parties. Go with your gut. If it’s a crazy out of control party and the chick is super into you, go for the bounce or try to fuck her in a random bedroom upstairs. But if it’s just people chilling  and it’s really not that *vibe* then play it cool, get the # try for the day 2. One thing I’ve learned is that making plans for a day 2 that night is almost imperative. Getting a number from a girl is something that ANY dude should be able to do. FACT: Getting a date the next day with a random  chick is something that most guys do not do once they have the number.
Rule #4: Qualify. Great success comes from proper qualification; people like to feel that they are individuals that they have good qualities that others can appreciate. Do you really want to date a chick that can’t tell you something interesting about herself? When a girl begins to qualify herself to you, she does several things that are important psychologically.

  1. Gets out of the party conversation mindset.
  2. Begins to invest herself in you.
  3. In this process backwards rationalized that if she is trying to impress you by qualifying herself to you, she must like you to some degree.

I tend to favor a natural approach, one that is devoid of any canned lines, however, when it comes to qualifying, there are several ways in which you can do this.

  • Small hoops:  Where are you from, what’s your nationality, Whats your major, Whats your name?
  • Medium Hoops: How old are you? Where do you want to live when you grow up? Tell me 2 truths and a lie about yourself. Tell me something about yourself that would make me want to get to know you more.
  • Big Hoops: Tell me your three best qualities, and don’t say beauty. What do you really want to do when you grow up. What are some of your dreams.
  • The bigger the hoop, the farther along in the interaction you will be if she ‘jumps through’, but you will also find the person is more reluctant to answer if you don’t have enough attraction or comfort, or are not isolated at this point in the interaction. It should be noted that there should be touching and physicality throughout, and that this qualification stage should take place in isolation.
    Rule #5: Lead and Escalate. You need to move the girl. How are you gonna take her home if you don’t lead her there! This starts in little ways, let’s go sit down, lets grab a beer, lets meet your friends etc. Then THE PULL: OK so you successfully were the fun guy at the party, had social proof, worked the room, found a chick and made out with her, now you want to pull her out of there. She wants to leave with you, but there are usually several hold-ups in her mind. An important caveat to make at this time is the fact that having sex with a women is emotional for them, not logical. You: hot girl= sex. For her she needs a thousand other things we cannot get into at this point.

    But lets say she wants to leave with you. You cannot appear desperate. If it seems like you haven’t gotten laid in 6 months and now you might just get some, but you act nervous, over excited etc. Shit will go downhill… fast. Play it cool. Be the man. Lead her to your apartment/ dorm/ car.


    About Date Coach Boston

    I specialize in understanding social dynamics. I then pass this skill to others for a small fee. How much would you pay to date the woman of your dreams? With my coaching, you can reach your potential.
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