Apartment Logistics

OK so this is a fairly straightforward post, it deals with how to set up your apartment to maximize your sexual income.

Cleanliness – Is kind of a big deal. Try to clean up the clutter, if you must, focus on your bedroom and bathroom. Also make sure there are no dirty dishes or trash around.

Bathroom- Seriously clean it up. Leave the seat down, don’t pee on the seat.

Music – Get’s girls in the mood, to get in the nood. Avoid state breaks and prosper when the music is right. Don’t have it be slow, i find that house music or hip hop keeps girls in a good mood. Don’t impress her with your love for chopin at this point, you are more likely to put her to sleep.

Lighting- Should get progressively darker as you move towards the bedroom. Lights or candles can definitely add to the mood. Don’t frantically run around fixing the lighting, have it set up before you leave for the night.

Condoms- Should be hidden EVERYWHERE within arms reach. Seriously. Never know where it’s gonna go down.

Bedroom- Make it so your bed is the only place to sit down. If you have a chair or sofa in your bedroom, put a ton of clothes on it so she has to sit on your bed.

Decor – Not gonna get into this too much, but try to have it fit your personality. If you are 40, a fight club poster in your bedroom is weird. Buy some paintings dude! Not so much if you are 20, live up your college years. Things like plants, fish show you can keep things besides yourself alive.

This may not seem important, and really if a chick is super into you, not gonna matter, but what about the one time where she freaks out about a stain in your toilet. Avoid all objections.


About Date Coach Boston

I specialize in understanding social dynamics. I then pass this skill to others for a small fee. How much would you pay to date the woman of your dreams? With my coaching, you can reach your potential.
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